We are a direct-managed store by a Omiya Market wholesaler.
We are bringing our proud fresh seafood dishes to you, right next the station.

We handpicked the freshest fish from Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Nagasaki, and Hokkaido in Omiya Fish Market.
Moreover, Our private live-fish transportation will bring you, the Edo-style live fishes from Chiba Uchibo and various fishes like red sea breams, horse mackerels, and mackerels from Sugura Bay.

Our chefs are skillful with Tsumoto-style total-blood removal techniques to age the fish. We are committed to condensing the "Umami" (Delicious Taste) to you through our experienced and skillful chefs.

Please try our specially curated Fish-Gozen, the set menus made with the freshest seafood at lunch. Please enjoy our various dishes together with a wide range of selected alcoholic drinks at dinner.
We have various course menus that use fishes of the season, and you could use our restaurant for multiple functions.

We are right 20-sec away by foot from the west-exit staircase of Miyahara Station,
always here with our warm & bright shop signboard.
We wanted you to try the freshest and most delicious fish dishes!

  • We are proud of our sashimi menu of live fish and aged fish.
    Please try our set menu at lunch
    and various dishes that match your drinks at night.

    Please expect the great taste of in-season seafood with our dishes.
    We will make full use of the taste of freshly cooked ingredients with various cooking styles,
    including grill, simmer, steam, and deep-fry.

  • You can drink alone at our counter seats,
    or have a casual drink with your friends and families.

    We have various types of seating arrangements.
    You can come over for a casual drink at our counter seats after your work.
    Or we could arrange the table according to your invited guests.
    And we also have semi-private box seatings.


20 sec of walking From JR Miyahara West Exit
Within of Bus & Taxi Stand Roundabout
turn right, walk out of the station